Ode to the Outhouse

“Ode to the Outhouse”
The little house that was out back,
had two seats and a wooden floor.
With last years Sears catalog,
and a half moon upon the door.

A busy little place it was,
things were always brewing.
And everyone that went inside,
knew what they were doing.

A place of quiet and solitude,
while seeking some relief.
You’d feel a great accomplishment,
though your stay was always brief.

There’s nothing left but shambles now,
it’s crumbled down by time.
But it still is standing straight and tall,
in the outback of my mind.


Nice PP results and poem. Having used one in my childhood while living in PA many moons ago… I have to say… I never heard or saw one with 2 seats?

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Have seen them but never was blessed with company. Ha! Ha!

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very nicely done Mr James Whitcomb Riley

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Same here. : - )

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