Odd Cropping In Studio 2

Whenever I invoke a Topaz plugin from Studio 2, it seems that the image is returned in a cropped state. This is driving me crazy! It seems to happen with either DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI.

I THINK it is an old crop I did on an early test image for Studio 2, and it is somehow being remembered. Does anyone know of a way to clear this so the sent image comes back as uncropped?

What is the image that you are opening, Project, JPG, PNG or TIF?

It is usually a tif, since that is what I use after raw processing in ACDSee Ultimate. I haven’t really kept score on that count though.

I usually process RAW in ACDSee, then send images to the ACDSee “Edit” tab (layers capable bit mapped editor), and invoke Studio 2 as a plugin. This doesn’t happen when using Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI directly as plugins.

It also happens when I invoke Studio 2 as a standalone and invoke the plugins.

I am not familiar with the external editor process in ACDsee, do you have a dialog where you can choose the type of image sent to the external editor? E.G. JPEG, TIFF etc.

If you do can you try a JPG/JPEG and send to Studio 2 and see if the crop is there after calling Sharpen AI or DeNoise AI from Studio.

If you can choose a TIF & settings it should be a TIF (no layers) with Alpha Channel to send to Studio 2. I am just wondering if ACDsee produces a layered TIF image.

If it doesn’t does your export dialog have something like this where you can respect or ignore crop?