Occasional glitches when using AI (Denoise or Sharpen) with Lightroom

This is something that might not be the fault of Topaz - I get the feeling Lightroom is causing this intermittent problem. I want to see if anyone else experiences these two problems:

  1. When calling Denoise AI or Sharpen AI in LR, at times the TIF returned to LR does not have the changes made by the AI program. If I try to remake those changes in that same picture (in my case always a RAW file) it still does not work. I need to close LR, open it up again and then I can make the needed changes in that picture.

  2. I have LR set up to include Sharpen AI as an available plug in. After some number of days Sharpen AI is lost as a plugin option where Denoise AI is listed in its place in addition to its status as working within LR. So I have to go into Edit>Preferences in LR and reset Sharpen AI as a plugin again.

Note that no software updates in AI or LR were made during this time - you can’t predict when either will happen - you just keep on the look out for it.

Topaz products only work as an External Editor not a plugin.

To ensure the images are updated you need to press Apply or use File-> Save (Ctrl+s) you cannot do a Save as.

I don’t know if you use windows or Mac but on Windows the external editors are in the following folder:

%appdata%\Adobe\Lightroom\External Editor Presets

Sorry for my incorrect terminology. I guess I meant external editor rather than plug in. I always hit Apply when I save my work and return it to LR. It’s just that sometimes what gets saved isn’t what the AI software generated - it’s just the unedited picture back again. As I said if I try to edit that picture again after deleting the first failed TIF file, it won’t work unless I close LR and restart it.

I do use Windows. I’ll check that folder for the preset and again when Sharpen AI doesn’t show up again.

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