NY State - Niagara & Rochester

I was playing with DeNoise AI using some 2016 photos I shot while on travel to Niagara Falls & Rochester, NY (George Eastman House).

My Niagara Falls photo isn’t the classic falls shot. This was a view from the US side toward Canada. I liked the rainbows in the misty air. I just “worked” the whole area on both sides of the border when I was there…

I really enjoyed visiting the George Eastman House (Kodak) in Rochester, NY on the same trip. A lot to see there. Including this cool camera. Though, truth be told, I have an ongoing project shooting photos of chairs and they were what initially caught my eye…


Nice shots, Fotomaker. I really like the Eastman shot with historical furniture and camera. A still life which could be converted into a digital painting.

I’ll have to experiment with that! You and Sharon are so terrific, it’s intimidating to attempt it when I don’t know what I’m doing… But I’ll try.

Well, I gave it a try… see snip attached. I started with something of a Van Gogh style then added more “paint”.

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Voilà, very nice!

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