Nvida Game Ready Driver 546.01 Kills performance

It may just be me, but when I installed the latest driver from Nvidia, upscaling processes that ran at 20fps previously ran at 0.8fps. Rolled back to 545.92 and regained the performance.

ETA: They released a 546.01 Studio driver today. Have not tried that yet, but beware!

Thanks for the warning.
I was on 537.13 and decided to verify your warning. In the benchmark numbers, the only ones that had big changes, were improvements. Everything else was basically the same.

Are you sure that the GPU selection in TVAI didn’t reset to the integrated graphics?

I had such after driver updates before - and this is about the only explanation I could think of for such a drastic change.

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I take what I said back. In actual processing, it’s much slower.
When creating previews, I have a timer on the script I’m using. It was taking about 1:06 to generate the preview. Now it’s taking about 1:46 with all the same settings.

I’m on 537.58 and the GPUs aren’t being used much (8%-21%), while the CPUs are doing all the work (66%).

I’m guessing this relates to the new memory fallback feature in this driver. It seems it should be possible to disable it for TVAI in the same way you can for Stable Diffusion:


Edit: It appears the feature was in previous drivers, just not the ability to disable it. Maybe something else has gone wrong in this driver, but probably worth trying to disable it in TVAI to see if it improves the situation.


I have a new report.
My other version of ffmpeg, that my script calls, got updated and that’s what was increasing the time.
The latest Nvidia driver doesn’t seem to slow my machine down at all.
However, I did revert back to 537.13 because instead of turning my monitor off after no use, it made it show a black screen—like still very obviously on, but shining ‘black pixels’.

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I don’t have any integrated graphics, I have an KF series CPU. Besides, I checked.

Specifically, what was so drastically effected was a Iris 2 upscale from SD to 4K of a VERY clean original. The same process ran at less than 5% of its normal speed, Iris 2 is pretty even in CPU vs GPU loading (my system with a i9-12900 and a RTX-3080Ti shows about 80% load on both).

I checked the settings in TVAI, cold booted twice, checked my CPU and GPU settings - all with no result. When I rolled back the driver, TVAI was back to 20 fps.

YMMV. All I know is that I’m skipping this driver release.