Now preview is all black

Seriously, with 3.0.6, the entire preview is black now, with no apparent way to get it back. :frowning: This is getting better and better.

Please specify your computing environment: OS, RAM, GPU, dedicated vRAM and the GPUs driver version.

I have an i9 12900k, 64G RAM, and a RTX 3080 Ti (Windows 11).

The release notes say something like ‘Autoplay disabled in preview’, except I see no way to enable it again (or whether it’s even related). At least 3.0.5 showed something in Preview.

Have you checked the GPU driver is up to date from the NVIDIA website?

If it is up to date then raise a support request at the main website.

I have a similar system and the preview works like before, but does not start playing automatically.
(I always stopped it anyway, so the behavior feels the same to me.)

These worked before upgrade, but after upgrade today to : v3.0.6. New error are happening

  1. Using a preset to process my Progressive video with upgrade to FHD and Proteus enhancement saved to ProRes - my videos are now
    tagged: “DV Clip”

  2. editing preview no longer plays - can manually drag to play only

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I can get it to play again, but in a way that is totally borked, as it just starts playing from the beginning, and not where I put my cursor on the timeline. And you want the latter, of course, as you want to pick various segments, at start, to determine the Proteus settings needed. You can still drag inside a (mini) timeline, while playing, but it no longer syncs with where you are actually encoding in the stream.

Now, Preview was already broken, in that it kept pausing, intermittently, every X many seconds for Y many seconds. So, it seems they then made the decision to default to just disabling it altogether on startup. That feels like a ‘fix’ in the wrong direction.

Same here. If I play from the beginning, the video shows in the preview screen. But if I click anywhere along the timeline, the preview screen is black. I have the latest nVidia studio driver, released today.

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When I first reported this, the Play appeared so disjointed from the Preview, that I deemed Preview was simply broken… and it is. With Playing not syncing with Preview any more, the latter is de facto unusable.