Notice jpg AI Gigapixel

Just got off the phone with Dell support and learned some information that may not have been covered. AI Gigapixel would not load my photos. If I opened or dropped a jpg onto the proper spot that would not open the file. It would open other jpg files but then discovered that the extension of JPG not jpg would not load but just crash. So for me the case of the extension made a difference of working or not working in AI Gigapixel.

Please raise a product support request at the main website As it doesn’t seem to be an issue in my Win 10 machine (HP):


It may well be an issue with the file format as Jpeg formats differ depending on the creator. I know there are issues with motion JPGs from Samsung for example.

I often have to intersect with different file formats, but so far I have not seen a version of jpg (or JPG or jpeg, etc.) that would not open in the Gigapixel AI. You can convert using the XnView batch to any other format or the same jpg.

The Samsung Motion Panorama JPEG contains binary data, about 45K, that will cause all topaz Products to crash.

This is a meaningless conversation until we see at least a few files that do not work. Djkaraok Jerry, could you attach some files for example? Perhaps your problem can be circumvented somehow.

I will be glad too, but they are just files named JPEG which can be seen by Bridge, Lightroom etc. but crashes when AI Gigapixel is ask to open the file. Before I bother anyone anymore I will test again and report back.