Non destructive workflow for Topaz DeNoise in Lightroom

Hello. I’ve been trying to find a workflow that can preserve an original Tif file from being destroyed, using Topaz DeNoise as a plug in from Lightroom but I did’nt find the way to do it.

I’m using a tif file proceding from a slide scanning, import it to Lightroom (saved with another name, but still the same file content), create a virtual copy and there edit in Topaz DeNoise.

After doing the changes in Topaz, I must save the Tif file with another name, and there is where I loose the original Tif. (I always have the original file but it is not normal having to keep the original and the new file created by DeNoise separatelly apart the huge amount of space required to do so 50+90 Gb)

What am I doing wrong?

Any help will be appreciated. Regards

You need to create a ‘copy’ when you invoke DeNoise from within LR. That will then be updated when you save the results, there is no need to ‘Save as’.

Sorry AiDon but I always make a virtual copy of the picture in Lightroom before edit it in DeNoise, then in that copy I invoke DeNoise as a plug in (right click, edit in Topaz Denoise Ai). Then a pop up appears asking what to edit. I choose Edit a copy with the lightroom Adjustments. Then I press edit and DeNoise program appears. Edit the picture to my choice and the my only option to go back to Lightroom is Apply (or cancel).
I press Apply and then I’m back to Lightroom in a new file with the appendix _ps that is a new picture where I can not get back to the original file.

Sorry if I can not explain it better, but I have read that DeNoise is a non destructive program and I can not find the way to get it. Thanks. Regards

You cannot edit the original image from Lightroom unless it is NOT a RAW image. The Apply button updates the image passed from LR. DeNoise is not a non-destructive program.