No Compare View in Ver 3?

What has happened to Compare View in ver 3? I’ve had to reinstall 2.6.4 again because this is such an important part of my process. On top on no live preview in Ver3 you seem to be going backward when you were doing such a great job of adding new features. Please bring Compare View back coz I can’t use Ver 3 without it.


Just chiming in my me too. I don’t have all the best settings memorized, so I like to see 3 renders next to the original so that I can figure out which is best for each video.
Please bring back the 4-way compare mode.

I absolutely AGREE…Why O why would an “update” remove one of (for me, and apparently others) the most important comparative tool available in the software?? Please tell me I don’t have to remove VEAI and reinstall the 2.6.4 version again. In fact, can anyone point me at a tutorial of how to do that?
OR, even easier, Topaz can just simply bring back Compare View!!


You can just install 2.6.4 without removing 3.0.x, and then can choose which version to run each time, or run both at the same time.