Nikon Z9 raw file support

Just upgraded from Nikon D5 to Nikon Z9. Topaz AI worked great on the D5 RAW format NEF files but doesn’t seem to support the Z9 RAW NEF format (I’m using High Efficiency RAW files). When will this be added to AI?

LibRAW is the RAW processing library used but it does not support HE/HE* formats yet.

Support will be coming soon so, in the meantime, use RAW format.

Good news, I just got the Z 8 … and have the same issues … using a roundabout method … but at this moment might just as well use the Lr denoise feature rather than over-complicating things with extra saves and files but really want to be able to go back to my old workflow with Denoise/Giga. Any idea when they will add the support?

I just got the Z8 today and my RAW files won’t work. Was not HEIC format

Not supported as yet, waiting for LibRAW to be updated.

See this article on the Topaz Labs website about supported cameras: