Newby question re Sharpen AI 4.1.0 interface

New user here. I just installed the Sharpen AI stand-alone module a couple days ago and have been blown away how it improves old scans of slides and negs. Truly next level sharpening.

My question is re the menu offerings though:
Am I correct in assuming that the “Standard” sharpening mode is the basic manual setting where the user can fine tune output between the three sliders but the other sharpening options are just presets starting from predetermined Standard slider settings? The Standard mode is the only mode that has 3 sliders and the others just 2, without the Remove Artifacts option.

Also, within the Standard setting it seems like even when “remove blur” is set to 0, there is still some slight sharpening happening. Is that correct?


Hi Reggie. Standard will analyse the image and determine best sharpening settings for that image, the sliders are there so the user can fine tune the sharpening.

The other sharpening methods are not presets they are in fact different algorithms for targeting focus, motion, blur and softness problems within your images, or illustrations.

Yes it’s correct there’s always some kind of sharpening applied even when set to 0

Hope this answers your question

Thanks Andrew, good explanation and much appreciated.