New Topaz Studio 2 - Missing Tools

I triad the new Topaz Studio 2 and it is a little bit faster but it has missing tools. I don’t see them or I just can’t find them.
Tools missing:
Crop Tool.
Straight Tool. (Level Tool)
Clone Tool.
Eraser Tool.
Heal Tool.
Printing Tool.
All those tools are what I use to correct my pictures. Most of them were missing before that’s why I use Topaz Studio very little and use other software to complete what I had to do… Sorry Topaz…


The same tools as Studio 1 will be introduced, develop statement.

Will implement soon after release:

  • Cropping
  • Histogram
  • Allow copying layer masks
  • Allow using plugins in Studio
  • Studio 1 Preset To Look Conversion


  • Image (pixel) layers for compositing
  • Wacom tablet support on masking

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Will existing Plugins be available in Studio 2, like Remask, Adjust AI, etc. I am keeping Studio 1 around in the mean time as it has all the tools I need.
Apologies, I have just seen the post by AiDon stating that the old plugins will be integrated in the future

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What I miss the most is the “Reduce Noise” filter. I also own “DeNoise AI”, but for quick adjustments the function was simply better suited in the studio.
Please add this filter to Studio 2 , that would be very important.

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That would be fine but they never added the other tools into Studio 1 like:
Crop Tool. Wasn’t at a 100% like it should be
Clone Tool.
Eraser Tool.
Heal Tool. - Wasn’t as good like it should.
Printing Tool.

So if they going just add the tools like they had so what’s good about that?

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Also missing BATCH PROCESS that is very helpful to get the salme" look and feel" for a serie of photo.

That’s why I think I will stay with Topaz studio 1 even for an individual photo, there are plenty of better stuffs in Studio 2.

Maybe next release ?


I noticed the totally missing tools menu as well. They have implemented a “per adjustment” mask tool which is nice in some cases but more often than not, one wants to enhance in many adjustments something like the foreground without touching the background, i.e. preserve Bokeh.

Seems to me that Topaz 2 is in reality an early beta and not a “full” release product considering all the missing items and “to do” list of adding in all the original Studio functions.

I like the new Studio 2. I realize things are missing… several painting presets I use in Impression aren’t there as well as some textures downloaded from the Topaz community.

Perhaps I don’t see it, but are there plans to add plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop? My workflow starts there and finishes in Topaz when I want it.

I have downloaded and tried the new Studio 2. I have to say that I would not have thought that it was intended to be an upgraded version. I found many facilities that I routinely use in Studio 1 to be missing. The overall impression is that the aim is to make a ‘dumbed down’ Studio for complete beginners rather than an improved version with enhanced tools for existing users. I have found Topaz to be generally a fantastic set of tools for photographers. I own every add-on and plug-in apart from the JPEG one (which I do not because all my photos are in RAW). Although I also own many other manufacturers’ software, I use Topaz practically all the time. But I’m afraid I will not be using Studio 2 unless and until it is considerably improved. I will continue to use Studio 1 until then.

FIX first and then release, not the other way around.

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“FIX first and then release, not the other way around.”

I disagree with that. If is released as Beta then is OK but they need to listen to users.
What to change and what to add. They never did in version 1 and I hope they will fix in Version 2.

I just started reviewing Studio 2 and obviously it’s going to take a while to get used to and to find where everything is. As others have said, I would not call this an upgrade, to me it is a makeover of Studio, but that is immaterial.

Secondly, rather than introducing this piecemeal I would much preferred to have it presented upon completion.

One particular thing that I can’t find, it may be there, but I don’t see it, is the “Apply and Duplicate” buttons. Is there another way of temporarily saving a layer of your work?

I see no plans for doing composite prints with Studio 2. Is that a thing of the past?

I’m not sure what you mean about “composite prints” but if you mean image (pixel) layers for compositing that is on the roadmap as listed in my post.

No Crop Tool, so I couldn’t crop it as Portrait.

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Mentioned above it is coming in a maintenance release.

I also notice that in Studio2, speed seems a bit faster when using “Filters” But not so when using “Looks” these take longer to load, especially in Impressions category, and Glow category. I suspect that this is because a Look is the combination of several filters.

I always use Lightroom first and then go to Topaz Studio. In addition to tif photos, I save my file as a project (tsp in TS1). There is NO FILE option in TS2 when going from LR. How do I save my project as .ts2 files since there is no SAVE AS ability? The only save is to ACCEPT and return to LR.