[New] May 2021 Nvidia Driver Update 462.59 For VEAI

May 2021 Nvidia New Driver 462.59 Update for VEAI and Gigapixel is available now.

“Our newest Studio Driver supports updates to Topaz Labs Gigapixel and Video Enhance AI.”

Please update if you have any issue with Topaz VEAI or Gigapixel.

NVIDIA DRIVERS NVIDIA Studio Driver 462.59

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This driver update fixes VEAI behavior. Usually my dual RTX 3090 will run with high voltage and watts. As the result, my PC draws 900W in total with peak at 1000W+. Then, my PC just shut off completely because my 1200W power supply just refused to handle 2x 350W GPUs. I had to set the power limit at 75% with 20% undervoltage and accept 10% loss in performance.
With VEAI new update, VEAI v2.2.0 runs much slower at 30% performance loss compared to v2.1.1. However, the power draw is completely stable without peaking at 400W each GPU. Also the new driver help VEAI runs around 5% faster than the previous driver. I’m able to increase power limit to 85% and 5% in voltage. As the result, I gained 10% performance back, but still lose 20% perf compared to v.2.1.1.
I also never have issue with VRAM even with Nvidia Resizable BAR enable. But if you do have issues with VEAI, please install this update as soon as possible.

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