New Interface

Horrible. Revert back to the old UI. This is just awful


I agree. I can’t even tell if I’m using the enhancements correctly because I can’t tell if it’s done right. I also can’t save a large upscaled image without the application crashing (9345 x 9345). I purchased Topaz specifically because it upscales and saves a great larger image. Very frustrating.

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OMG I cannot agree more. I cannot emphasize how much I dislike the new interface. Fortunately, I did not yet update the product on my laptop. Unfortunately, I have to move from dual monitors on my desktop to the small monitor on the laptop to do any work. This morning I have been suffering with my updated desktop version, but I am stuck on an American Robin that I just cannot get the software to do what I will be able to do when I move it to my laptop. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS USER INTERFACE.