New features in Topaz Studio

I use Topaz Studio for most of my work now. There are a couple of things that I think would make it a little easier to use. Nothing major and I think it could be a simple fix.

  1. In the Select box the Sort By is Featured. I would prefer to pick A-Z which is a couple of clicks. I open Topaz Studio from Photoshop CC 2018 most of the time so it always defaults to Featured. I think the easy fix would be to have whatever is selected remain the default when opened.

  2. I use the Navigator in the Scope Panel most of all and would like to have the same thing in the Scope Panel as the Sort By. Whatever I select remains the default unless I change it. By the time I get the image into Studio I pretty much have the Histogram set where I want it and I can make adjustments if they get out of hand in Studio.

Thanks for all the work on Studio. I look forward to the next Beta because I can’t wait to see what you are thinking for the future.

Rich Fiddelke