New AI Gigapixel update 1-24-2019

(Russell) #62

We reverted the labels for the PR release. The updated ones seemed more confusing to some.

The updater in our stand alone products only runs once a day. When it wakes up and checks in it will prompt. Best bet, is to go in the help menu and choose check for updates in the application.

(plugsnpixels) #63

Thanks Russell. To be more clear, I checked manually using the Help menu after reading about the update on a forum, and still couldn’t invoke it. That’s why I did the reinstall, which successfully provided the latest version.

(andymagee-52287) #64

Now you have me even more confused about what the labels are supposed be. Should it be showing as Medium or Light?

This is turning into a classic case of UI “improvements” that alienate the user base because the benefit of the change is neither obvious or intuitive.

(Don) #65

If you read what he said, the labels were reverted to None/Low/High as in the previous version. Therefore they aren’t “UI “improvements” that alienate the user base because the benefit of the change is neither obvious or intuitive.”, because they are now the same as v2.1.1

(andymagee-52287) #66

Actually, he never said it as clearly and directly as you just did. They keep assuming that we know what they mean, the same way they know what they mean because they’ve been working on it and were intimately involved with the decisions they’ve been making. We’re just the poor dumb users trying to keep up with the unexplained surprises being dropped on us…

For example hiding the CPU option because most people don’t use it was probably a wise thing to do, but pointing out where it ended up more clearly would have been the considerate thing to do since it no longer says CPU anywhere, and you might search for a long time before you stumble across where it ended up with a completely new description that only mentions GPU.

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(Box Brownie) #67

Thanks Artisan-West for the insight especially the 4GB card doing well…my current card is 2GB, hence using CPU not GPU. In regard to tebel53 saying 8GB I see that that is noted on laptop/mobile devices :wink:

As for the x0.5 the reason I remarked about downsizing i.e. it is not a 50% increase was that when imported and the button selected the X px by Y px dimensions shown on the GUI show half size image of the source size.

PS in regard to the graphics card ~ my system is not the newest and the PCI slots are v2 compliant. The one thing I have noted is that a lot of newer cards are PCI powered so could draw more power than the motherboard might be able to handle. A far as I recall my PSU is either a 750 or 850W one?

I now have an nVidia 1050Ti 4GB to hand but not yet installed. I look forward to seeing what sort of improvements in processing times I can see using the GPU processing rather than CPU.

PS sorry for the delay in replying but as a new member I had to wait for my ‘access’ to be fully approved :slight_smile:

(Artisan-West) #68

You should see a great improvement in speed using the GPU. Also, the latest Gigapixel is improved in many ways including a preview so make sure you update it.

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(Box Brownie) #69

An update

I finally installed the GTX 1050Ti and ran some rough & ready tests, now though I did not previously time the CPU only processing I have to say I am impressed.

The same more modest upsizing by dimensions took 58seconds…it felt much quicker than CPU only.

Then I gave it a ‘horsepower test’ of a 4x upsize, this took 2m 10s which considering the 4x setting was IMO nice to see and the resulting file (TIF to TIF) was a whopping 461MB

So, as it stands I am well pleased with the investment. :slight_smile:

PS interestingly ~ the resting temp of the GPU is 34 degrees C and it maxed out at 54 degrees C so barely breaking a sweat :lol: Plus and possibly my imagination the PC just seems a little quicker responding in general compared to before doing browsing. FWIW I am not a gamer, so very unlikely to stress the GPU :wink:

(Artisan-West) #70

Under File > Preferences you can set processing to use the CPU. If you are interested, you can do a comparison using the same picture and the 4X setting.

(Box Brownie) #71

Yes, fair comment …as the first thing I did after installing the GTX 1050Ti was select GPU.

So I think as you suggest go back to CPU and time it/them. Will post back with the results :slight_smile:

(Box Brownie) #72

As promised I have tried again with CPU processing…it was about two to three weeks back a I did the last needed processing of a couple of files, so had forgotten how long CPU took.

Well, it was/is a long time :frowning: the modest upsize that under GPU took 58 seconds has taken 12m 30s and because I was using my hardware monitor again I noted the following:-
The CPU fan was running 700rpm faster and all 4 cores were running 40 degrees C hotter during the processing!!!

Suffice to say (again) I am glad I upgraded the video card especially as it also reduces stressing the CPU side of the “system” :smiley:

PS I am not even going to bother retesting under CPU a 4x upsize :wink:

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(Artisan-West) #73

Well, now you have your proof and you can enjoy using Gigapixel as needed. Thanks for the update. :relaxed:

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