New A.I. plugin Bundle

Just got info on the new A.I. bundle and was thinking of getting the whole set but I notice that A.I. Clear is not included in the bundle. I was wondering is Denoise A.I. the same as A.I. Clear and is this the reason for not including it in the bundle?

I’ve just installed the Denoise AI, it does not have the auto denoise level and not support batch processing :frowning:

AI Clear is a Adjustment in the Topaz Studio application not a standalone and plugin as the rest in the AI Bundle. DeNoise AI is not the same as AI Clear. You can read the comparisons here:

DeNoise AI: DeNoise AI - Remarkable Image Noise Reduction
AI Clear: DeNoise AI - Remarkable Image Noise Reduction

There is no Auto level there are 3 sliders which you can adjust for removing noise, enhancing sharpness and recovering detail.

If you are wanting a Batch process please raise a Product Enhancement request, you can place it in Topaz Products under the subcategory of Product Feature Requests.

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