Neglected & Disused

I went out photographing this past weekend looking for abandoned buildings.

I wasn’t gonna drive all the way to SF for some urbex, so instead went to a quasi-rural former historic warehouse & manufacturing (canneries) area near the SF Bay about 20 minutes away. We have too many drug “entrepreneurs” (in the more rural areas further South of the South Bay) who use deserted farms, etc. for their “enterprises”. I think they’d be more inclined to grab a gun than to dust the furniture for visitors. So I only went where I assumed it would be safe. I realize when I see this resized down jpg posted it looks a lot darker than the original .tif. I used DAI on the sky & SAI on the foreground on the original image.

Here’s one of my shots from this weekend’s ‘theme’ challenge…


i run this image by Gigapixel AI and this is the result.

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You did a nice job with it!

Good to know I can “play” with different sorts of images…


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