Need a button to select the entire image

When are you going to add a button that will select the ENTIRE IMAGE for processing? “Landscape” sometimes selects the entire image and other times it does not. I’m tired of using your awkward brush function to tediously paint in large parts of my images.

You can select Fit Screen from the zoom box on the bottom right.


Hi, if you wish to select the whole image, simply select none from the subject selection menu or from the sharpening menu simply turn off select subject, again this will select the whole subject for you

Reset to Autopilot

Subject Selection

Hover over the “Subject” text to view the mask created by the AI model.

View Subject Mask

To improve the mask manually, click the Refine button to open the masking tool. Here you can select the AI model used for subject detection and manually mask the image yourself.

Refine Menu

Pick the AI model based on the subject in your image. Change the Feathering slider to soften and slightly extend edges of the mask.

To manually mask your image, use the AI brush or simple brush. Switch with the toggle.

  • The AI brush breaks up the image into pieces for fast masking.
  • The basic brush is a circular with size control for easy masking.

Apply your masking changes by clicking the Done button at the bottom.

Done Masking

Hi tried the above selections to no avail. More specifically I have a photo from 1925 that is printed on fiber paper (ideally I’d like to get rid of the pattern everywhere.) When I use the Autopilot the "detect the subject” doesn’t select all the hair and ignores the big curls on either side of her head. When I go through the “refine” process and paint in the curls on the mask it looks as though it has selected those areas on the preview window, but when I click done, I’m back to the same image that doesn’t have the curls selected. See attached screenshot. Thanks, Lysa

Hi, obviously you’ve selected Face Recovery for this image which has done an excellent recover.

However, Face Recovery isn’t particularly good with hair,
First you need to totally remove the texture pattern from the image, then run Photo AI again.

Here’s a handy FREE Plugin to do exactly that and an excellent YouTube tutorial which explains how

Pattern Suppressor tutorial v2

The FREE plugins/actions can be downloaded here:

This tutorial demonstrates how to remove periodically repeating patterns in Photoshop using the FT-plugins by Ronald Chambers, and the accompanying Photoshop actions

Hope this helps

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This is so excellent, Andrew! thank you so much for the spot-on guidance and links. I really appreciate it. However when I go to the link to download the actions, I noticed this " Intel-based Macs (not M1 or newer , unless through emulation).” I have an M1 desktop. Do you know if there would be a version I could use? Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words lysa, l don’t know of any other FFT pattern suppressor’s available for Macs however, I will investigate further for you.

If all else fails and I can’t find another automatic way of removing the paper texture, I’ll explain how we can remove the paper textured pattern manually using a combination of multi scanned images and Photoshop blend mode’s or any post-processing software for that matter.

So, in the meantime take care of yourself TTFN

AFAIK, Affinity Photo works on the Mac and has an FFT tool for removing pattern noise. Great tool at low cost. Here’s a quick FFT pattern removal followed by Topaz Photo AI, strong noise beta only, no subject selected. BTW, if you have the original print and are scanning, a trick is to scan, flip the image 180 degrees and scan again. The two images can be combined to cancel out paper texture. More in Ctein’s book on image restoration.

Not perfect, but a start.

Hi there, Sorry for the delay, I’m afraid I was unable to find a solution to your problem with your Apple M series computer, also the other person who replied to your comments doesn’t state if he’s using an M1 Mac, and I was looking for a way that didn’t involve spending money.

However, this link ( Noise Removal / add Descreen - #3 by walter.bobrowski ) was posted today give it a try it looks fantastic