Naturally lovely lines and details



Lovely work also …

Very nice

Very nice capture and processing

nicely done

Love your work. would you share your processes. i am using your holy lily one you shared one heaps one my flower pics. i am after a process that t will outline fl and bring out veins, and give me cartoon. pastel looks. but have fund what will work on one pic will not work on another
.l have painful eyes that dont let me spend hours and hours on pc very frustrating, dont always get effect i am after but it is fun trying.

Thanks. I use AI Clear, Impression and a LOT of trial views with AI remix, often with vey low (5 to 10%) opacity

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I would never have guessed r mix. I have dabbled a fair bit with sketches. So time I had a play at with r mix. Thank you for you answer. It must be a lot of fun testing these things

i have had a lovely play with your everyday lily. will see if i am successful in posting it to forum. the trouble is trying to decide which one you like the best.

Knowing when to stop post-processing is certainly a challenge