Naming files in Gigapixel

When saving a picturs in Photo AI, I can choose, if the applied filter is used, of it I shall overwrite the original file, etc.
When klicking “Apply” in Gigapixel AI it overwrites the original file without asking.
I fo not likle that and I have not found, if or where I can change that it saves the edited picture to a new file or save and add an appendix to the original file name.

Any suggestions?


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I have the same question. There seems to be no setting that will give the option to save the new version without overwriting the old. How can this be?

If you use GigaPixel, or any other Topaz application, as a plugin that is expected behavior.

Seemingly it’s not just plugins, it depends HOW you load the file. If you pass the file in from another app (I have a shortcut within XNVIEW, as an example) you get the “apply” button, but if you load the app separately (from the start menu or desktop) and then import the file you get the “save image” button - which saves as a duplicate with a different file name.

So I would recommend starting the app separately tbh

What I mean is - this is like the quivalent of a share “intent” - in that case it just overwrites the original when you do it that way.