Names! and Consistency

OK, got a first look at Remix AI. Nice Job! But a few complaints.

  1. Names - For a reproducable workflow I gotta have names so that I can reproduce the effect I used. The thumbnails don’t really help when I am naming my files. Even a flyover name would be better than nothing.

  2. There needs to be some better consistency within Studio. You have Some Effects that are “Adjustments” and some “Adjustments” that are effects, and then some plugins, which may also be effects and adjustments. This is just getting too confusing. I also need a better way to find and sort these. I know you have my effects, but they encompass my effects from all across the plugins and effects. I need to be able to have My Effect subcategories - i.e. Impression - My Oils, or Impressions - My Pastels, etc.

  3. I haven’t checked with the lastest Studio update, but the last one everytime I tried to scroll for more than about 12 effects, Studio would crash. I understand that it may be overloading my graphics memory, but maybe a workaround would be an option to just LIST the effect by name and then toggle the thumbnails on or off.


I like your idea about having subcategories in the My Effects category.

You can now rename the result windows in the bottom image work area… just click on the little pencil icon and add some kind of ID info.

Also in AI as with other adjustments, if you really like and preset adjustment you made, you can select the first icon next to the_Preset_ default/custom and save your preferred preset to that Drop down menu.

This may not be the answers to your problem but it’s an option for now?

I have not experienced any crashes on my Mac when scrolling thru the effects?

OK, so that helps a little. If I save the Adjustment from AI remix with whatever tweaks I made, it now shows up under Muy Effects. Would be a lot more logical if it came up as an icon in the AI remix selection. For the sake of better workflow, I’d really like My effects to be subcategorized into groups based on the host Plug-in or Effect or Adjustment it was created with (i.e. My Effects > Impressions>, or My Effects> AI Remix).

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