My license Topaz Video AI for lack of 2.x updates


about year ago I purchased license for Topaz Video AI and they promised some updates, but at some point stable 2.x branch was replaced by unstable 3.x branch and now 3.x is still in development, so not really replacement for 2.x, but my clock is ticking so there are really no new updates for 2.x

are you planning to extend support somehow?

Don’t ask here we are all users just like you, head over to the main website and raise a support request.

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If you got the same license I did, it’s valid for 1 year since date of purchase, with still all minor updates after that date, but no longer newer major versions. Which, for me, I was still able to get the 3.0x series.

2.x series will no longer be further devolped, if I understood things correctly.

Topaz confirmed here Topaz Video AI v3.0.2 - #139 by yazi.saradest that:

We’re aware of the performance regression and it’s one of our top priorities to address. As for the license expiration, if your license covers v3.0.0, you’ll be eligible for any v3.0.x version.

… which may help.


The way the licensing works is absolute BS. Paid for this software and am now stuck at version 3.0.12. This is some greedy behavior. At least let me finish getting updates through version 3.

See above post that explains your entitlement also.