My images don't get improved much

I’m trying to figure out what I do wrong. I work at NVIDIA and we have some wonderful tools for image improvement, but I liked the solution that Topaz put together, so I figured I’d try it out.

Here’s the results I’m getting from Topaz AI v2.1.4. It’s nothing like the wonderful pictures in the ads. Any tips on what I might change ? Below is a sample result:

You may want to explain what you’re looking for as that doesn’t look like a digital camera image … Topaz models are trained on photos from digital cameras.

Also you won’t get any tips as no one can see what settings were applied.

Hi AiDon - all fair comments. Yes - this was taken off my iPhone (probably using Night mode as it was dark as the original image fuzzy).

As for settings, I used the Topaz Photo AI defaults which were:
Sharpening Subject: Standard, Strength 56, Minor Denoise 6
Recovering Faces: Strength 80

Yes - I was probably expecting a bit much :slight_smile:


It kinda looks like the image has been “enhanced” / tinkered with before because the original already has some very strong “oil painting” - which is kinda unusual for iPhones that normally create noisy/grainy images in such situations.
That oilpainting is more a thing from Android phones.

So: if you had some “enhancement” software (that then seemed to do more harm than help) run on the image before it might be worthwhile to load the original file into TPAI.

One thing you can try, is to first downscale the picture and then try it again :wink::+1:

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Yes, that gets at least a bit rid of the plastic oil paint look.

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