My first drone shots

The weather finally warmed up to the mid 60’s (F) so I took my drone out for some training and a real flight. I limited it to 200 feet altitude and 1149 ft. max range. It is a Mavic Air 2 by DJI and can actually go five miles (26000 ft.). I was trying to get use to watching the display on my phone since the drone is small and will disappear quickly into the sky. Here are some pictures I took which are reduced from the 48 Mpx DNG originals. I can fly up to 34 minutes/battery and I have three batteries.


Outstanding! You must be thrilled with it.

Thanks Kathy. The first few times its a bit tense. I got the drone last December and flew it once in a park while freezing. That didn’t last long. The first problem I had this time is I didn’t remember how to make it take off. So it sat on top of my car for 15 minutes while I searched the app for take off. I finally found the tiny circle with an up arrow icon. It take a while to get use to the joysticks: Up, Down, move Left, move Right, forward, back, rotate right or left. One great feature is you can press one button and it will return to home.

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Nice shots, one advantage of the drone is that you can get the exact composition you want.

Excellent! I have the same drone though due to lockdown rules I’ve not flown it for 3 months. Looking forward to when I can fly again. I found a phone too small for composing images and use a mini ipad.

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I’m looking forward to taking aerial shots next fall in Colorado but that is many months away. There are some high mountain passes (Molas is a favorite @ 10,912 ft.) where I might get some shots in June when wild flowers bloom. Here is a ground shot I took in the past at Molas. Drones are banned from protected wilderness areas and national parks because they are classified as motorized vehicles. Fortunately, we have a lot of national forest and non classified areas we can fly.