My Camera RAW & DNG

@AiDon My Camera is A Rebel T6 Some Photos in Camera are AdobeRGB Some sRGB.I suspect Exporting the photos as TIF from Canon Software IE Manufacrure Soft Would not Cause a problem With Topaz Ai. Have You Set set your 5D to AdobeRGB And Taken A Photo.When I Ran Photo Shop on the Raw Photo Camera Correctly Identified the Color Space.


The Color Space entry on any camera is just there for producing in camera JPEGS. Makes no difference to RAW (see your supplied GigaPixel screenshot) as they do not have a color profile so the color profile used after processing, in any application, is that which you specify.

All photos in camera will be the selected color profile for JPEGS unless you use Creative Zone which will output JPEGS in sRGB

Any application that reads EXIF will read that profile entry in a RAW image.

Mine Show as Adobe Color in PhotoShop Camera raw.In Class Teacher Has Us Use LightRoom Instead of of Canon Software.

You can use what profile you like, Adobe just retains the last used profile. Has nothing to do with the camera.

Lightroom only applies a profile when you export.

Seems when Exif info is missing or striped The Topaz AI make unreadable DNG photo Except To Topaz.Lightroom and PhotoShop Can not read it.

The only time I see that is when there is no EXIF data available in the original image. I also get this when, for example, creating a DNG from a scanned TIF ā€¦


And, what it is saying is that the image does not come from a digital camera.

It will open the image if Dng Converter is used the raw camera file.Do you have the Latest Camera Raw Info?You are Using a Dirrerent Version of PhotoShop too.Mine is CC Latest.

Successful Photo Shop Read Same Process Export TIFF in Affinity Photo As TIF.


Iā€™m not sure what your point is. With Adobe DNG converter you cannot convert images unless they are RAW images.

The implementation of DNG with Adobe means that all previous PS and LR can read them.