Multiple passes

Just curious if there might be advantages in final quality to making multiple passes on the same clip rather than doing them all at once. Ie.

  1. Enhancing an older clip for quality
  2. Upscaling in a separate pass
  3. Increasing frame rate in another pass

Or something similar. I am a new user and at least initially mainly focusing on improving old videos.


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I’ve been trying out several combinations of passes. Nothing is perfect yet, but some of the best results I have see are from a denoise pass at 100% scale. Then a well tuned pass of Proteus to FHD. I’ve used Artemis models for the denoising in the past, but I want to try Theia. Theia’s broken right now though.

There’s no end to the combinations of passes you can do. In general, if you can give Proteus a nice clean input, you can get something pretty good out of it.

A long time ago, I did try three passes of Proteus increasing the resolution each time and changing the settings. Then I compared that to one pass and, well, it looked about the same.