Multiple Feature Requests (longish)

Been using Topaz Studio for a bit and while it is really quite powerful, there are some niggles that keep it from being as good as it can be.

  1. Histogram: would be great if there were an option to show clipped highlights and shadows.
  2. Histogram: would be nice to be able to see the value of a pixel under the cursor in either RGB or LAB values.
  3. Layers: needs to be a way to uniquely name a layer.
  4. Masking: there should be a way to save masks and mask settings (not just copy them) as part of an effect. This is especially true of gradient and luminosity masks, which are tedious to recreate over and over again.
  5. Dual Tone adjustment: interface should be changed to match the quad tone adjustment interface for consistency.
  6. Tone Curves adjustment: some sort of tone picker/eyedropper for selecting tones in an image would be great.
  7. Basic Adjustments: have an option for the various eyedropper/picker tools to not be “sticky.” I’ve inadvertently changed black points because I’ve forgotten to turn off the black point eyedropper. Can be very annoying when you have multiple basic adjustments open and you can’t find which one has an undocked eyedropper.
  8. Precision Contrast: I’m not sure why several of the adjustments have their own “Lighting” section, instead of making it a separate adjustment, but they should at least be consistent. Precision Detail and Basic both have a Blacks and Whites adjustment, but Contrast does not. Basic has eyedropper pickers for these adjustments but Contrast and Detail do not. This should be cleaned up somehow.
  9. Edges: opens in “multiply” blend mode by default. All other adjustments open in “normal.” Not sure why that is, but it’s annoying.
  10. HSL Color Tuning: add a color picker/eyedropper so we can directly select a color from our image to adjust, please.
  11. HSL Color Tuning: the mask that shows what color you have selected is red/striped, and that isn’t always easy to make out, depending on the other colors and tones in your image. Have some sort of mask view to easily see what is being affected in the image.
  12. Print Module: You have everything for printing (resizing, 3 stage sharpening tools, etc.) but not even a basic print module!