Multi-select Not Working Properly

Since the update to 7.1.0 trying to ctrl+click individual images or shift+click stops working after two exports. Exiting the program and reopening fixes it for two more exports but then ceases to work again. Otherwise I have to tick each box for each image but it’s extremely easy to accidently click outside the checkbox, unchecking all the previous images I’ve selected. This is incredibly frustrating when exporting dozens of images with different upscale sizes.

I’ve restarted my machine and tried different export methods but it keeps happening. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue and hoping this can be fixed soon.

I will try testing this on my end. Do you remember if this happened for you on the previous version of Gigapixel, which is v7.0.4?

It wasn’t happening previously. I can’t remember what version I was on though. Thank you!

Not sure if this was addressed in yesterday’s update but it seemingly has been resolved since I updated.

That’s great news! I’m sure it was solved in the update since it was a hotfix update.