Multi GPU NVIDIA in Topaz Photo AI

Hi, will Topaz AI use multiple NVIDIA GPUs ?
I have 4 x Titan X (pascal)
could be great!
tkx in advance

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Good question you can use the demo of Neat Video AI and test it out.
In the program pref you can set it to all GPUs and play around with the Max processes, and then do some benchmarks under Process or CTRL+B.
If you do some tests at 1080 and 4k please stop back and post your results in this thread so we can all see, dying to know how Topaz does with mutli GPUs Thanks!! -J3D

If you want to choose the AI processor, go to Edit > Preferences > General > AI processor.

For users on Mac, it’s the Topaz Photo AI menu option > Preferences > General > AI processor.