Much faster in Big Sur compared to Monterey or Ventura

I have a 2010 MacPro Desktop running Big Sur via OpenCore. Topaz running with Photoshop is 4 or 5 times faster in the Big Sur environment, relevant to Monterey or Ventura performance. Photoshop in general is also much faster under Big Sur. I’m thinking that problem lies in Photoshop versus Topaz. Reporting this speed deficit/penalty to Adobe goes nowhere.

Any insights or suggestions would be welcome.

Since the computer and the PS versions are older, it’s possible the speed is a matter of compatibility. The newer versions of both Photo AI and PS work better with newer Mac OS versions. Make sure you don’t run out of RAM by closing all unnecessary applications while using PS and Photo AI.

I have 120gb of RAM.

This isn’t clear to me. Why would there be a sudden, dramatic performance degradation caused by upgrading my OS from Big Sur to Monterey? This is especially puzzling, because all other software running in Monterey is as fast as the same software running in Big Sur, i.e., this is a Photoshop-specific problem that also impacts Photoshop add-ons such as Topaz. If, as you say, it’s a compatibility problem, why does it affect Photoshop and not other software? What could Adobe have done to create such a severe bottleneck that shows up in Monterey and not Big Sur?

BTW, I’ve read comments by other folks with the the same issue. Adobe provided them a couple suggestions that I tried as well. They had no impact.

The problem is so severe that Topaz is impractical in the Photoshop-Monterey environment, and pleasure to use in the Big Sur environment.

At the moment, I don’t have the funds to upgrade to the Apple Studio, which is so fast that this problem wouldn’t be apparent.

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Trevor Monroe

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Thanks for clarifying about this being a Photoshop specific problem. Others running into this same problem will find it helpful.

You’re welcome. I certainly would like to know what about changed in the Monterey and Ventura Operating Systems that conflicts with Photoshop.

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