MPEG2 output for DVDs

Many of us have vhs to dvd transfers and would like to improve on those mpeg2 files and then output again directly to mpeg2 to burn a new DVD.

Is this still a desire?
Normally I would do the work and post it here, but this request seems next-to-useless to me. Even the highest quality DVDs I own have really bad compression artifacts compared to modern compression formats. I fully expect you to lose all enhancements once you convert it back to mpeg2.

Check this post out for command line examples.

Copy a similar entry in your video-encoders.json file found in %ProgramData%\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\models and replace the ffmpegOpts with the command options you deem best from that superuser answer. Be sure to give it a fitting name and such. Keep modifying it until it works. I checked the TVAI ffmpeg and it has the mpeg2video encoder that’s needed.