Moving things like textures off of my boot drive

I understood that this was not possible to move the data, like textures, to another disk drive with Texture 2 but I read somewhere a comment that someone had moved their data to another drive. I have too small (256GB) SSDs as my boot drives on both notebook and desktop. I would love to use Texture Effects with my textures but I don’t dare. If not now, can I do this when Texture Effects is converted to Studio? I couldn’t find anything in preferences and there doesn’t appear to be a real manual for Studio.

Windows 10

You can move the Studio Resources File from your C drive to another drive by checking under Help - the Move Download Resource - to a new file in another drive. (I actually run Studio itself from another internal D:drive on my equipment). You would still have to have to add your own textures through the Texture Manager however, it creates a duplicate image but getting it out of the SSD drive, the space is not as critical.

I did the same with my new Textures HD. From C to D disk. Very easy !

I see it now. I looked in Preferences and I looked in Help for documentation. I failed to look for something specific to this issue in Help. Thanks!

Now, this applies only to Studio. I see the Topaz Studio tgrc directory has no structure. Just one bit directory of “stuff”. One would think that would contain a huge number of files if it is going to contain all of the sub-products things too. Such as Texture when it gets integrated into Studio…