Mountain Fall painting

(Artisan-West) #1

After looking at Mond’s Foggy Morning picture I wanted to see if I could add fog to a fall mountain picture. Using Affinity Photo I add a layer filled with about 40% gray then set the blend mode to Hard Light. I then added a mask to that layer and applied a gradient to the mask so the top half would be fog and bottom would be clear, adjusted opacity to taste. After that I made a stamp (combined the layers) and went into Studio and used Impression to make the painting. Final step was Precision contrast to make it pop and show more detail.

(ScottO) #2

Looks like success getting the foggy look. Very nice.

And thanks for including your process.

Best regards

(Don) #3

Nicely done and thanks for the explanation …

(Michael_Andre) #4

Great job!

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