Most Stable or Best Version

Is there a best version for each of the 2.0, 3.0 and 4 0 series?

In terms of stability and less bugs.

blunt answer no.

everyone will say something different.

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I think most everyone will agree that if you use the graphical user interface, you will have issues with all of those versions. Yes, even VEAI 2.6.

I have been using the command line interface of TVAI 3 and now 4. The only thing that is unstable is the Aion model. (Okay I don’t use the stabilization models, they might be unstable too.)

Most stable = CLI.

Hmm. Interesting. I’ve always wondered if TVAI is simply a glorified GUI of FFMPEG using the filters available in that.

They have made their own filters that are only available in their version of ffmpeg.

Thanks. I could never get sensible results using the FFMPEG filters. I get the idea of TVAI’s GUI innovation, I just wish they’d quit introducing new bugs. I appreciate all your posts and ideas