Most stabile version of Topaz Video AI

Hi! I am running Topaz Video AI version 4.0.9 and was mulling upgrading to a newer version. Looking at the comments for some of the newer versions of the software, I see that there are many bugs so I have not done and upgrades to my software. Can you advise which version of the software is the most stable? I do use the Preview a lot before I finally select my settings for exporting the video. Thanks in advance for your feedback and recommendations.

they are all stable at the same level over time. that would be a wrong motive for not upgrading.

You should look at features and AIs. what you have now vs. what you going to get if you upgrade and estimation (based on feature release historical statistics in the past 1yr life span) what to expect for the coming 1yr after payment you would end up with (when you need to renew again).
that is the only real motive you should take under consideration when considering paying an upgrade license…

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If everyone on this forum were to reply with their opinion of the “most stable” release of TVAI, I suspect you’d get a range of answers going all the way back to 2.x.

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Couldn’t find better words… So True.

There is a most true answer. Any CLI version after around 3.2.2 is very stable with few to no issues. The trade-off is the amount of time it takes to learn how to use it for your particular desires.

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