"Morning Walk"

“Morning Walk” Edited in Neptune and Studio; the Odell Abstract Painting texture (Normal BM) was applied in Studio. In the 2nd one, a Studio Preset, Antique Amber, was the final touch.


Really like the first one! :sunglasses:

I agree with Tennie … the first one is nice

Both are very nice, I think I like the second one a little better…

I like the first with the colour of the flower, but I would like to see the colour of the background desaturated enough so there is still a pretty good hint of colour but with the flower having the most impact.

After all, that is your subject, I guess - the flower.

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Thank you for your suggestion. At least this one is part of the way there.

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YES. It starting to look surreal. I would stop there as an alternative.

Edit the texture or background out of the flower and stem of flower is my suggestion.

And then experiment with various treatments of the background that you like for you.