Morning stroll

Walking on Sorianno Nel Cimino

Good Morning hummm

Beautiful Arch

Window light


The first image caught my attention… first because it’s a wonderful scene. It’s amazing how attractive the roofs are.

And then I noticed the proliferation of satellite dishes. Quaint meets modern.

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Scenic and beautiful city …lovely work.

Lovely composition and presentation …

A very nice series of images and edits… my fav is the Arch image.

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These photos are beautiful! I love the crisp detail and arich colors!

Yes!! In many ways is still a traditional town, They play the church bells every hour, they sound the alarm for the air strikes in WW2 and they take their nap at 2 PM to 5 PM, but yeah they Internet and satellite TV :slight_smile:

A photographers dream!


Thank you, that was to me an iconic feature of these beautiful towns.

Thank you I also loved the textures of this old town.