More control over AI textures and face recognition across all AI products

Custom/user made AI models or user database of patterns, textures and faces.

1. More control over what texture/pattern is used in a photo including recognized text and symbols/logos.

give the option to select a texture area and provide reference photo of that texture or pick texture from another photo. I have some old photos and some are sharp and some arent or have low light or other defects. I have textures or patterns I know were used in the photo I am trying to recover. So I would like AI products to use my texture/pattern in calculations for the reproduction of the result photo.

More control over what face is used in a photo.
Sometimes the faces are recognized as faces but using gigapixel with scale 2x or 4x (not really viable any other higher scale number) the face changes and its no longer the face I recognize. Providing reference photo of the face to be used for injecting details would be great.