Moon (hardly natural :) )

You can probably see from the name that this has been worked. Taken from a suburban backyard with a 200mm lens (Canon 70-200 L IS USM)

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ready for the dustbin (or to declare it as ART)

Very sorry to inflct it on you.

I can (and have) take constructive, useful criticism (although not from the boorish likes of you in future), but totally non-progressive snideness is just a waste of our time.


It’s a good base image. Have you tried experimenting with red or blue overlays to give it a moody, cinematic feel?

I don’t know if you create composites at all (I do…) but if scaled down it could be a really useful capture to add to a night sky (real or mfrd) scene too.

Were you on a tripod for the shot? You got more detail than I’ve gotten in past with my camera and lenses (which aren’t super long zooms)?

Thanks for the comments. I have made composites in the past, when I was using Photoshop and right into image manipulation. I agree this would work well there.

This was on a tripod. I have tried handheld moons on occasion, but never got a result.

I have done better recently, in “cleaner” air and with a 600mm lens

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I just get a Google 404 error msg if I click on your link above. But I bet it’s a cool shot! :wink:

HAH! Probably made it private…it’s been a while.

I can’t test this because I am signed in to do it :wink: OK I logged in with another account and here it is, so I assume you will see it as well. Just remember that Gphotos takes a couple of seconds to sharpen an image; I get caught too often. :frowning:

Google Photos


That worked! Great!!! The 600mm is the way to go.

Yeah I g-nashed and g-nawed a while before shelling out for it, not least because I have all Canon lenses and this is a Sigma, (and affordable!) but that shot helped the pain in the wallet…'tis is pretty well SOTC.

The tripod is a modified surveyor’s one with e pan and tilt head on it, which I built up for video, rather than photo. But this was taken without remote trigger and the tripod really firmed it up.


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A photo buddy of mine has a Canon 600mm. I think the darn thing cost more than my house… but if you do a lot of shooting that uses it (he does) & get great results then it seems more justifiable.

Yes the Canon big’uns are exxy! The main problem with this Sigma is the small aperture / slow shutter at f5-6.3, but that also comes with the HUGE advantage of(relatively speaking) compactness and lightness. Even with this, a photo is a somewhat serious endeavour. ut it also has a decent zoom range without going mad.

And I just DAGS and saw you can get a Canon 600 mm for hundred$…at f11 aperture! :grimacing: The f4 600 non-zoom is AUD $20,000, so yeah, I would need to not only take lots of photos, but get paid for it, I reckon.

Anyway they tell me there is software for this, these days…I’ll check it out…yeah here it I allowed to post such links here? :laughing:

Seriously Topaz has blown me down many times with what it can recover. The original post I did on this thread was a soft, blurry mess OOTC, so it was a very tough ask.

I am hopefully going to try for some racing power boats today. Light cloud unfortunately but no breeze.


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That was the moon yesterday 14.05.2022 at 23:00 GMT south of Frankfurt/Germany


Surely the moon is not that dark when you look at it.