"Monterey Cypress" Point Lobos, CA


That’s a spectacular-looking tree

Have to agree … nice tree.

Very nice work …

Stephen, I know the tree and the location. Nicely done!!

That is one beautiful b&w Image…Fantastic job.

Thanks, Mond. Point Lobos has one of two remaining natural Monterey Cypress groves. The trees have a lot of character!

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Thanks, AlDon.

Thanks, Bob.

Thanks, Stephen. We have the same look as well as the same first name!


Indeed we do. Are you by chance a Gemini as well? Are you resident of the Monterrey Peninsula? Very nice to meet you through your lovely image.

I turned 74 y/o this past February. We spent four days on the Peninsula and am now back in Davis, CA. We’re spending the winter here- drove X-country from our house in ME in November and plan on driving back over the month of May.

BTW, my barber back home talked me into twirling my mustache with wax. For a guy who’s been bald for many years, it’s nice to have some hair to style! :wink:

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I shall be blowing out 77 candles this coming June. I live and work in Lima, Peru where I grew up. Should you ever decide to escape the ME winters a bit farther south do let me know as we can organize an amazing visit of this photogenic country.

I wax my mustache for special occasions…in fact, I, like you, have been “follicly challenged” for beaucoup years and have had a large 'stache for most of my life and a beard off and on. It is now part of trademark and I work as Santa during the holiday season visiting children in hospitals, homes for wayward lads, etc.

I have spent a lot of time on the Monterrey Peninsula…when I was in university in the US and much later when my folks retired to Carmel.

Do you have an IG account? If you would like to follow me: @el_fotografo_de_parque please do.

Keep up the wonderful work and enjoy the CA weather.