Mont St Michel, France

I was nostalgic for my old Akvis Sketch plugin, presently constrained to CS6 only. And when I opened CS6, it seems that off all the Topazlabs plugins it has retained is Topaz Clarity - which I put to good use! (Which reminds me, I need to get to the Legacy d/l page soon!)

This began with a modified Akvis Sketch preset named ‘Casual’. Then Topaz Clarity Color & Contrast Boost III. A CEP4 recipe which includes Diamond Head 2, Glamour Glow, and Image Border 4. There is an Oil Paint Filter (CS6) and an Art History Brush technique also included (brushing sequence 21 pixels, 10 pixels, 1 pixel) set at Loose Medium, Area 30%, Tolerance 0% (see this Vimeo video for details of the exact AHB technique)

Mont St Michel, France” © Jack Torcello


Nice image, Jack. However I find the greyish areas around the buildings a little disturbing. I came across these with some of my images trying out AI Remix.

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