It takes a long time to download models…every time I want to edit in Topaz

Hey Jack,

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Rosetta is a feature on Apple Silicon that runs an application as if you have an Intel CPU
  • Some applications are Intel CPU only and will not run on Apple Silicon as they were not updated to be Apple Silicon native
  • Skylum is Intel CPU only and is not Apple Silicon native so it requires Rosetta
  • Topaz Photo AI is Apple Silicon native and can work with or without Rosetta, but is crashing in this version with Rosetta

For your computer, I recommend keeping Rosetta on. Topaz Photo AI is getting an update later today that will fix the crash when using it with Rosetta.

Please update to v2.3.0 when it releases (1/19/24) and the application should work with Rosetta without crashing.

Hi Jeff,

Appreciate the info…How can I know if I have Rosetta?


There are a few ways but the easiest is to make sure that your Mac is connected to the internet. Open any app that needs Rosetta. If the app opens, Rosetta is already installed and working . If Rosetta is not installed, you’re automatically asked to install it.

Hi Jeff,

Really appreciate the reply…thanks


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