Model for space / text environment

Dear community

  • First point : Is anyone able to tell what what model is best for use for space environment ?
    Understand by this, black scenes, with stars or planets with slow motion move (left to right or dezoom)

  • Second point : i sanyone able to tell me what model to use for text on screen, like title, credits, aso, current lead me to not sharpened upscaling or blinking/frmae skipping output (GOP non configurable ?!)

I tried all of them, and not one can reach performance I got “elsewhere” of Video AI 5
It looks like models are not trained with that.

Also fields of grass or wheat fields turned into pixel mush.
Same opinion, lack of training.

(If any need to proove I own all originals I am working one, and did it for personnal use only, I am fully in phase with my local laws)

Best regards

Does this question pertain to Video AI or Topaz Photo AI?

I want to confirm with you to make sure that your thread is placed in the correct Forum post to ensure the correct information is provided :slight_smile:

It applies to Video AI, sorry for the mistake