Model For Legacy Media

Something that would certainly be useful to me, and I believe others as well, would be a VAI engine and model that would process SD interlaced files and output SD interlaced files (no resizing) for cleaning up legacy material for use on DVDs, for example. There is a lot of home VHS and camcorder material out there, and I think the market for this would be strong. In my, case, I’m working on many hours of extended family tapes, and as I’ve dgitized things over the last several years, I’m being asked “can I get a DVD of that”. I offer alternatives with better quality, but the preference seems to be 50/50 for DVDs.

On a different note, as mentioned elsewhere, It would be nice to have a return to the x264 encoder with CQ options like in version 2. Saves a second encoding step in another app.

Thanks for listening.