Model file download failed

Gigapixel AI
I keep getting this message that model files need to be downloaded and every time the message comes up that the download failed. I’m stuck, the program will not work. Any suggestions? I did a speed test for downloading with my service provider and it came in at 178mb/s

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Same here, looking for an answer.


I have a problem with downloading model files in Gigapixel AI. The problem exists with version 6.2.2. When I install the earlier version 6.1.0, everything works.
I disabled firewall and antivirus

Here is a message I have got:

Model File Download Failed

Model file downloading failed. Ensure you can connect to the internet.
Once confirmed, please temporarily disable any active antivirus,
firewalls, or other security software that could prevent the model files
from downloading. If the issue persists, please contact support.

Any solutions?


Same here … got the error message after upgrade to Gigapixel AI 6.3.2 … when will this be resolved? Software is useless now …