Model downloads slow then fail

Hi. I am trying to download models for sharpen AI4 and Gigapixel AI 6. My Internet is capable of around 2.5MB/s (20-25 mbps) and is reliable for all sorts of work, from downloads to YT. I do have limited data allowance. I want to download all at once so I can do it in off-peak hours, which has a much larger allowance.

Topaz downloads struggle to get over 300MBPS ERRR 300 _K_BPS and so far have failed several times, after downloading an unknown amount.

EDIT I am watching a Dl now and it’s down to 60KB/s. This characteristic of a prelude to failure, here and at other sites that have large content to DL.

I guess my questions are:

  • what is happening?
  • If the download fails, have I partially downloaded and only need to download the rest?

Thanks for any help, here.


OK. In the end in desperation I disabled all my firewall/AV etc and that seemed to do the trick. it may have been coincidental.

Whatever, I have now downloaded.