Model Downloads are painfully SLOW

After contact support about how slow it is to download models, all I get back is that it’s my system. And to use a direct Ethernet connection. OMG, is support really that bad? I am using a direct Ethernet connection and sent them a speedtest of over 900Mbps from my Gigspeed internet.

Wow, I really expect more from Topaz Labs, maybe something like we know or we will investigate, etc. I have read other post from people saying the same thing. The main programs download with over 200mbps, but all of the models are under 6mbps.

I did go back and download missing modules and just shrank the window until done, But it doesn’t make sense why modules are so slow to download?

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Agreed. So many updates, such big files and so slow. It’s not my connection either - it’s the source server can’t serve data fast enough. It’s a massive bottleneck to my workflow. Do better Topaz.

Has there really been no progress on this? I can confirm the above poster’s comment, as I’m on a fiber optic connection, and my model download from Topaz is always only 10Mbps, no matter what I do. Every minor tweak in video AI requires a new model, which takes forever to download.
If the speed can’t improve, at least let us download them all overnight, like it used to do!

Did you find any solution for that problem if yes then please help me

Still facing this issue. If anyone has managed to solve it please guide

It’s even worse for me, the download never completes, it gets stuck after a ridiculous amount of MBs!
Is ther someone at Topaz support who could answer with a REAL fix.
Obviously it would be way simpler to provide an IP@ to download the latest models!!!