MKV Output

Hi Topaz team, i love the improvements you all continue to make, so thank you for working so hard on this topaz program. It’s definitely one of a kind. I have a few requests that i think would make video enhance ai the complete package.

  1. Please add MKV output as an option. This would be nice to have because i had a few times where the power went out or video enhance ai crashed while i was converting and then the mp4 file was corrupted. As a result, i lost days of conversion and had to start all over again. After researching i found out that this is a weakness of mp4. Mp4 corrupts if a conversion doesnt complete. With mkv, it doesnt matter if the program crashes, the mkv file will still work. This is the advantage of mkv over mp4. This is probably the number one issue and feature everyone would want because i see many also experiencing crashes. So please consider adding mkv output as an option.

  2. So one of the biggest upgrades you guys did in VEAI was proteus, and whats great about that model is i love how we can now tweak sharpness, compression, noise. So it got me to thinking, why dont you add brightness, white balance, saturation, exposure, color temperature, brightness, and light eq as slider options to the proteus model. If you did this, we would not need any other video editors because then we could completely edit the video in veai.

Presently i have to upscale to 4k in veai, but when i need to make a dark video light and increase saturation i have to do it in another program. This would save so much time if you could add those options. I hope you consider these requests, and thanks for the hard work. If you are a community member who also like these requests, please comment on this thread on what you think about this suggestion.