Missing EXIF

Hi, I’m trialling Studio and it’s plugins just now and so far I’m impressed and will almost definitely buy but I am having one major problem in that after saving my image back to lightroom that EXIF is missing.

I cannot find any setting that might affect this and I cannot believe you are deliberately stripping out the EXIF so is this a bug?

I see this question has been asked before (about 6 months ago) but you never replied to the question on that occasion.

So what is happening? Is this something I’m doing wrong or is it the software. I can’t have the EXIF being stripped out.

Firstly what is the image you are passing to Studio, i.e. TIF, JPG, PNG etc.

And is all EXIF missing or just some?

Also what is the Lightroom version?

thanks for your reply,

IN Lightroom I’m using DNG files and on export passing it as a TIFF to Studio

Not all the EXIF is missing and it seems a bit hit or miss what it strips out, sometimes it strips out all the exposure info but so far it has always stripped out things like the star rating and the color lavel that I use for categorisation. At first I thought the image just wasn’t coming back into lightroom at all until I finally realised it was stripping out this exif and I had a filter on to only show 3 star images and above.

I’m using the lastest version of Lightroom Classic CC (v8.0)

And it strips out other EXIF such as contact details and copyright details, which is really not good.

I am also having the exact same problem with my DNG files but only when I edit via Lightroom Classic CC - latest version. Topaz Studio strips all the exif except size and color space while DeNoise strips the lens information. I also asked this question sometime ago and got no joy from Topaz. If I access Topaz via Photoshop all exif remains intact but this is an extra step I would love to avoid having to take when possible.


After further investigation I exported a DNG from Lightroom (Lightroom 6) to Topaz Studio as you can see in the attached screenshot. Then on return from Studio the second part of screenshot shows the EXIF data as intact. I also tried to read and update metadata from the file, where I was warned it would overwrite the metadata held in the catalog, and there was no change.

I wonder it in the later versions of Lightroom something has changed with the way Metadata is handled. I would check that the metadata is intact by using PS or EXIFTool before it is edited and then do the same after it is edited.

Hi, as per your earlier request it’s actually the latest version of lightroom that I’m using, Lightroom Classic CC v8… how did you get on using that version, were you able to replicate it?

No as I said in the post I wasn’t able to replicate it with Studio. You can see the before and after above.

Sorry, I must be misunderstanding something, in your post you said you’d used the older version 6 version of Lightroom, not the lastest version.

I said I checked it using v6, don’t have access to CC. I also suggested in the post that you should:

“I wonder it in the later versions of Lightroom something has changed with the way Metadata is handled. I would check that the metadata is intact by using PS or EXIFTool before it is edited and then do the same after it is edited.”

And make sure that you only press OK to save back to Lightroom.

You could also show a screenshot of the before with the settings when you call Studio and after it returns as I have done above. And also specify the version of Studio you are using please.

Can I just clarify something here… as I said I’m trialing Topaz Studio to see if it will fit in and work with my workflow, and while I’m at it I’m also interested in the support available when there are problems.

So can I confirm something… I thought that this was Topaz Technical Support Forum. Is it? And if it is… is Topaz not testing there software with the latest version of Lightroom and Photoshop?

If it isn’t a tech support forum… can you direct me to the correct place for tech support.

many thanks for your help

Try the Need Help link above but it will be faster if you provide what I asked for because this is probably technique/workflow rather than a bug.

Topaz Studio does not strip the EXIF, please explain the workflow including the steps from Lightroom, i.e. what the export settings are, and the steps you undertake in Studio.

  • Do you add your adjustments then press Save to return?
  • Do you use the Apply button to create a new copy before saving?
  • etc, etc.